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Friday, May 16, 2008

Frontier Movie



Have you not yet heard about the controversial Frontier movie? If you think you have seen enough scary movies, well this movie will just shock you. The trailer I checked out at Frontier(s) website absolutely was terrifying. To start up with this movie has been unrated and hence will be screening only on select theatres for a week before the DVD release. You can check out the mind blowing Trailers at their website along with the theatre listings to find the theatre nearest to you.

It’s a complete Horror Movie with extreme gory and violence depicted which could be evidenced from the trailers. The movie couldn’t get a rating due to its extreme violence and hence they either had to cut the scenes down or release it unrated. They opted for the more adventurous path getting the movie to release in select theaters for a week before its DVD release and hence giving the movie lovers a chance to see it Uncut in Full screen. You can check out the select theater listings here and find the one nearest to you. So, if you think you can watch the whole thing out, check the theatre listings and get out there for the release.

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