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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Get Quick Launch Back

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If any of you have had your quick launch at the task bar wiped out due to spyware or had accidently removed it, and is getting an error message "cannot create toolbar" while trying to bring it back, 

here is a quick fix for you:

  • First in a windows explorer page, Go to Tools>Folder Options>View. There uncheck "Hide all my operating system files" and chcek "Show hidden files and folders"

  • Now Go To My Computer>C:\>Documents and Settings>"Your Profile Name">Application Data>Microsoft>Internet Explorer

  • If you dont find a folder named "Quick Launch" in that folder, create a folder by the name "Quick Launch" there.

  • Click and close the windows.

  • Now right click on your task bar and re-enable quick launch again. There you have it.

  • Quick launch is back, up and running.

On tips for how to bring the "Show Desktop" button back Check Here.

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