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Thursday, May 8, 2008

SensiSeeds Affiliate Program


Do you have a high traffic website that you think is not generating enough revenue from the ads at present? Switch to Affiliate marketing and to get you underway, here is cool affiliate website. They pay you a market high of 20-30 % per referral you send to them. Sensiseeds is a site marketing cannabis seeds for sale and the way to make money is pretty simple. You put up links for people to be referred to their website, and each time a sale is made you get paid. There is no particular catch, only that you should have enough traffic in the first place for the referral marketing to work properly.

SensiSeeds Affiliate Program is easy to get accepted into, you need only a good website and the potential for their product is international. Hence no need to worry if you are located in Irvin or Mozambique. Related websites will have more potential with this type of marketing, though any site with huge amounts of traffic can do well. You start with a basic pay of 20% per sale and depending on the volume of referrals you offer this will go up to 30%.so if you are looking for widening your income providing opportunities, sign up with SensiSeeds Affiliate Program today.

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