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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SocialSpark for Advertisers


If you have been recently anywhere in the blogging world, you must have heard of SocialSpark, the new word in social networking for bloggers and advertisers alike. SocialSpark.com brings together bloggers and advertisers in a new transparent way, intended to provide sponsored posts and sponsorships for blogs in a secure search engine friendly way. What SocialSpark needs and every bloggers demands is more advertisers to take part in this excellent innovative idea. Especially the big players in the software field can take part in SocialSpark which will only benefit them to no end.

The strength of SocialSpark lies in complete transparency and honesty among advertisers, bloggers and blog readers. The blogger is responsible to specify explicitly with every post that it is a sponsored one to prevent any conflict of interest and anyone can view the blogger’s public profile to view the opportunities he have taken in the post and those he is working with now. All these steps ensure that the advertiser gets complete return value from the money they spent. More advertisers including the credit card companies and the pc game makers can drive a huge volume of traffic to their website essentially by providing opportunities and sponsorships within SocialSpark.com. So in case you are looking for an innovative way to boost your internet sales and make contact with some bloggers along the way, SocialSpark is best for you.

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