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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our 300th Post

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We are happy to announce that Livewares has just published its 300th post. That means its time for a Hurrayyyy!!!

With Livewares passing its 300th post and fast approaching its first anniversary, we are planning a little celebration here at Livewares. We plan to give out certain freebies along the way to our passionate readers.

Visit Livewares in the coming fortnight to know more about this.

Livewares, a softwares blog which started very mediocrly, is zooming through the traffic ratings due to our readers overwhelming support. We are glad to provide you with more free softwares and to spread the message of free thinking across the net.

Also the look and feel of Livewares is changing with more pleasing graphics and layout coming your way. Enjoy browsing Livewares.

In the meantime, here are two more excellent softwares for you from Livewares, as usual for free download.

Your Uninstaller Pro can take out the most sticky software from your computer and gives you complete removal of unwanted software. Teleport Pro gives you an excellent web spider for use by webmasters and novices alike.

Feel free to write to us using the contact us form with your suggestions, requests, dead link reports or a simple 'thank you' message.

We appreciate your continuing support and will strive to keep up the quality here at Livewares.

In case you haven't done so yet, sign up for our newsletter at the sidebar or subscribe to our feed by clicking feed icon available right at the top of this post.

Or press Ctrl+D to bookmark us,

Or best of all, Go to Google, type Livewares, and press 'I feel lucky' button . Voila! You are there.

Cool, na? So watch out for exciting prizes coming your way and keep downloading those softwares you badly needed.

Happy Browsing! :)

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