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Saturday, June 7, 2008

SocialSpark is Here


Socialspark.com is the new word for bloggers in paid review posting. Here is a sponsored review website based truly upon the more popular social networking theme. The whole socialspark advertiser-blogger exchanges are completely transparent and anyone can view the oppurtunities taken by a blogger at an instance. This keeps the community clean and free from spammers. One can view other bloggers profiles, give props to them as well as the advertisers and take up oppurtunities put up by advertisers or take up blog sponsorships or take sparks, which are free post exchanges between bloggers.

Blog sponsorship ads display full page ads in your blog pages and you get paid per day the ads are displayed. SocialSpark follows a rigid code of ethics where in each postie is directed to establish each post of his on Socialspark is a sponsored post and this prevents the whole realm of 'conflict of interests' . And it is compleltely search engine friendly as the links are all no follow and hence do no affect your Google rankings.

It's a compleltely different approach to sponsored reviews and so far, so good. I have written a couple of posts in social spark and I love the wway it works. No fear now of whether Google will penalise you for your posts.

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