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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer ‘08 Weddings

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Wedding this Summer? Well, if you are tying the knot this summer, this site offers a cool and very innovative method to store those great things that were said at your wedding as ever lasting memories. The method is pretty cool. You upload photos of your wedding or before or after it. You then make it into an album with narrations from yourself, your relatives and friends and whoever you want. Once created you can email this album as a youtube-like player to any email id you want. It’s not just photos; the memories are embedded in voices that last for ever. You can call in to record your narration or you can get a toll free number for others to call in and record what they have to say about you.

The best thing is the whole process is completely free for the whole of this summer. So if you are a lucky one tying the knot this summer, be sure to use this cool feature from yodio. It’s all free with free to record, free to create and free to share. You can give away the toll free number with your engagement announcements and have people call in to say anything about you. You will get free templates to get yourself started and you can edit whichever part of the album as you feel and create a unique wedding material that will store all those happy memories forever- with real narration!

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