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Monday, June 16, 2008

Email For Bloggers


Hey all bloggers out there, have you heard about this cool site that provides email campaigns for bloggers. You can send daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, if you wish ;), updates for blog posts to your visitors inboxes. And of course, it’s all free. For any blogger it’s very important to create a good base of readers and keep them updated about changes in your blog. Feeds is one method and email campaigning is another. What Zookoda gives you is exactly that. It’s the power to build a good fan base and thus, expand your blog.

You are in full control here. Visitors sign up for your newsletter, you send them your updates as frequently as you wish, schedule a recurring broadcast including a feed refresh to reflect the latest changes in your blog and last of all, get real time reports on how many readers you reached and the click through rates. You can create custom cool looking email subscription forms reflecting your blog’s theme and more over, you can access mobile users as well by emailing blog content in text format. You don’t have to worry about your emails being sent to the spam folder any more as all email from Zookoda are spam complaint and they support multiple blogs, various platforms and more. To know more, go and sign up at Zookoda now!

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