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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Debt Collection

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Tired of running around trying to collect all the money owed to you? Give it over to the professionals now and get away from all the hassles involved. APR or American Profit Recovery is a nationwide Collection Agency that has enormous experience in this field and they have a well established debt collection method for a flat low fee no matter which industry you are in- be it Dental, Financial Institutions, Lawn Care, Medical-Hospitals, Physician Practices , Oil/Fuel Dealers, Schools etc. They have 2 tiers of debt recollection schemes depending on the level of expertise you need for debt collection as well as you can get schemes customized for your business.

APR has very low collection costs starting as low as $5 per account and have high recovery rates whatever be the nature of the debt. They are particularly useful in the banking section where there is a need for good professional skills. APR also has the advantage that you can control your debt collection through them at the click of a mouse. Their website has a client login facility through which you can control your debt collections. You can also get direct customer service anytime by dialing their customer service number. A complete debt collection package is what APR Collection Agency offers for you. Check out their website for more details.

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