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Friday, July 25, 2008

Free Checking Accounts

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                            Have you heard about the WaMu Checking accounts that offer great services like free ATM withdrawal, free lifetime checks, free Gold Debit MasterCard and more with absolutely to monthly fee at all. That’s all true, you can get a checking account like no other Company’s and manage it online as well with WaMu’s Online Banking which is very convenient, easy and secure. Along with the free checking account, you also get free Identity theft prevention services, free wire transfers for all outgoing international as well as domestic transfers as well as an Overdraft/Non-sufficient Funds fee refund which you get only one per year.

WaMu or Washington Mutual Bank has more than 3800. ATM’s nationwide and you can use your Mastercard Gold Debit card to make free withdrawals from them as well as get rewards for every purchase that you make with your card. You don’t have to pay a dime as monthly charge for this card or account and you can open this account for as low as 1$, by phone, internet or from one of their branches. You can order checks online using their free Online banking service.

For more information, fees and free services from WaMu’s new Free checking accounts , visit their online web portal.

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