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Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Thanks to all our fervent readers for the great response to our "ViVa Livewares" Contest. We received some great reviews and yes, the contest is still open. So all you bloggers looking to earn some quick bucks, and follow the directions.

New changes are being brought out in Livewares. The 'recent comments form' currently available in single posts page will soon be retired and replaced with blogger's own inline comment form. After a loooong time, blogger is bringing out its comment form in the same page as a post and we are more than happy to try it out. This means that, you can get responses to your queries at a much faster rate and posts will have comments specific to that post in that page.

Also we have come to an agreement with digital-enterprise solutions to publish their tips and tricks articles at Livewares. They will be unique articles intended to provide more information to our readers on how to improve the system performances.

Meanwhile, continue downloading all the hottest softwares from Livewares. Send us your requests and comments, be assured that the Livewares team will deal with them very soon.

And also, a particular Mr. A with id a@a.com ;) was very animated about a suspect trojan being present in a 'pc pitstop' software download. We assure Mr A and all our readers again that all downloads from Livewares has been tested for viruses wil AVG, avast and Norton in different systems. If your antivirus alerts you, its only because its mis-reads the code for a keygen as that of a virus. There are no backdoors in the downloads given to you. For more, visit our standards policy.

So, Happy Downloading and dont forget to check out ViVa Livewares

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