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Monday, August 11, 2008

HDDlife Pro for Notebooks


HDDlife for Notebooks is the first product that takes into account all the peculiarities of the work of a computer. In notebooks, hard disks are in absolutely different conditions if compared with desktop computers. They suffer from constant shaking, strokes, vibration and higher temperature overheat. That is why any program designed for standard conditions will consider the condition of the disk alarming and give you incorrect information. HDDlife for Notebooks takes into account all the peculiarities of hard disks that work in notebooks and provides you with correct information about hard disk health and performance.

• Monitor the health of hard drives using SMART Technology (SMART) 
• Regular monitoring of the background of hard drives. 
• Display temperature of hard drives.  
• Information on the free space on your disks.

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RB said...

The registry clicking doesn't work. Still the program says it is on trial for 15 days. Can you fix this up

Guyinthemiddle said...

After clicking the registry file, did it ask 'Whether to add the info to the registry?' and hopefull you clicked Yes for that. Try it once more and let us know if it still doesnt work, we will upload a fresh copy.


rb said...

Dear It worked well after two attempts.
Thanks for your support

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