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Monday, August 4, 2008

Hide Your Drives In Windows vista


Want a quick trick to hide your hard drives from showing up in your My computer window or explorer windows? A quick registry hack as described below can do it in no time for you.

You can still acess the drives by manually typing in the drive letter, say for example D:, in your windows explorer address bar and pressing Enter.

Here is what you have to do with your registry:

  • Goto Start>Run or press Windows Key+R. Type in Regedit and press enter.

  • Navigate to the following registry key in the regedit window that comes up.


  • Now right click on the Right window pane and choose New>Dword(32 bit) value. Name the key as NoDrives

  • Double click the newly created key to open it, change the base to 'decimal' in the window that comes up, as shown below.

  • Now give a value to the key accoring to the Label of the drive you want to hide. The values are as follows:

    A = 1
    B = 2
    C = 4
    D = 8
    E = 16
    F = 32
    G = 64
    H = 128
    I = 256
    J = 512
    K = 1024
    L = 2048
    M = 4096
    N = 8192
    O = 16384
    P = 32768
    Q = 65536
    R = 131072
    S = 262144
    T = 524288
    U = 1048576
    V = 2097152
    W = 4194304
    X = 8388608
    Y =16777216
    Z = 33554432
    All drives = 67108863

  • For example, if you want to hide drive D, give the value as 8 for the key NoDrives

  • Click Ok and close the registry editor

Done!! Restart your computer and see how the drives are hidden in your Computer. A quick hack to hide those important documents you needed. Delete the above created key to show the drives back again.

Happy Browsing.

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Alexandru said...

http://hackyourwindows.com/How-to-hide-drive(s)-from-Windows-103.html here's a video that explains it better!

Red_Devil said...

thanks for the video

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