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Sunday, August 3, 2008

iTunes Account W/O Credit Card Info


This trick is for those who use itunes store from Apple and dont want/have to give credit card info.

Well, I have tried a multitude of times to download the free stuff from the itunes US store, but always it asks for a credit card and billing info. Why do they need a credit card for letting me download the free stuff?

At last, here is a solution for all of us who wanted to create an account to download the free stuff without any credit card infor needed. Follow these steps:

It Worked for me until today, August 1, 2008. It should work for you too.

  • Open iTunes. Then open iTunes Store.

  • On the right panel, you have the Quick Links Panel. Choose 'Redeem' from there.

  • Now enter any one of the following codes as the redeem code. Both of them have alread been used, but that isn't the point.



    The second code worked for me, try any one of them. Click Redeem.

  • Now it will tell you that the code has already been redeemed, but don't worry click the 'Home' icon at the top to go back to main page. Now Click 'Sign in' from the top right corner.

  • In the window that pops up, click the 'create new account' option.

  • Enter your email details and click Continue button.

  • Now you will be taken to the payment information page and Voila!, you have the 'None' option along with the usual credit card options.

  • Enter any address information that is a valid US address. Just Google for it.
    an example is like -

    No 12, high street
    City Name- Irving
    State Name- Texas
    Zip code-75014

    Google for more addresses. If you already in US, that wont be a problem ;), creating an address that is.

    Now choose the 'None' option for payment and click next.

  • A window pops with an error message. IGNORE. Don't worry, click OK and go back to the Home page.

  • Now you can see that you are already signed in using the new account you have created. Look at the top right corner to see the result.

Start downloading all the free stuff straight away. I am already listening to katie armiger now.

Thanks goes toAfterlogs for bringing me this info. :)

Happy Downloading!.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a LOT!!!! Everything just works fine!!!!!!

Guyinthemiddle said...

Nice to hear that! Keep tuning into Livewares to find more tricks

Anonymous said...

succesful but I must use code XXRSNMLSWY4BFZDK

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

didn't work for me, because the last step, where you can see all the credit card info, wasn't the same. it looks diferent, there's no such an option as "none"..

Guyinthemiddle said...

Hello anon,

That's because you have first gotta try to redeem using one of the codes given here. After that you can start creating a new account and a 'none' option will automatically appear in the credit card window.

Happy Downloading

Anonymous said...

i did this today and got to the last screen with the None option. after getting the pop up error. i pressed ok and clicked on home. it still said sign in so it didnt work. any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I just tried and it said the codes have already been redeemed

Anonymous said...

Got to the last page and the 'none' came up but no error.

Guyinthemiddle said...

Hey all,

The codes provided here cannot be used as redeem codes, they are solely for creating an apple account through a trick. Follow the steps exactly as told and you will find yourself with an account without entering any credit card info.

Click none, and then a pop up window comes up. Then click the Home button again. It worked for us without any trouble. Please try again exactly as described here.


onur said...

i worked mate!!! thank you very much

Guyinthemiddle said...

Hey onur,

Thanks for the feedback. Glad that it helped you.

Anonymous said...

didnt work for me, after filling none and pressed continue it said "the code you entered is not valid.." I have itunes8. Should i use an older version?

Thanks anyway..

Anonymous said...

Don't download the new virsion of itunes it doesn't work if you do

Guyinthemiddle said...

I think the best option is to register with iTunes 7 using this trick and then update your iTunes. It worked for us that way.

Thanks for all those commented

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I uninstalled itunes 8 and tried installing 7, and this process doesn't work. Am I missing something? Nothing "popped up". the error message was on the same page, and then I clicked on the Home icon, and it didn't work. Whaddya do???

Anonymous said...

I tried it on the new version of itunes and it does not work. Do i need to get an older version? where can i get it if it is avialable?

Anonymous said...

it did not work it said it was prepaid

Red_Devil said...

it works with itunes 8

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