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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Perfect Clock 3.1.2 Full


Perfect Clock is a nice, fast and highly customizable nearly perfect software displaying an unlimited number of world-time clocks on your desktop.

I have used a lot of desktop applications over time, but this one's sleek interface caught my attention. You can display clock in a lot of formats, customize it and allow it to click through so that it wont interfere with your window navigations.

Professionally designed Wallpaper Clocks by famous design studio VladStudio can be displayed right on your desktop or can be run as your Screensaver. More than 100 Wallpaper Clock Skins are available for download. All will amaze.

It also provides a huge number of alarms and reminders along with the traditional clock. New Render Labels feature will help keep your clocks in order. Just add "London", "Chicago", "New York" or any text labels to the corresponding clock. Font, position, color, transparency, shadow and more, all customisable to meet your requirements.

Atomic Time Clock Synchronization - PerfectClock can keep your computer time accurate using public SNTP servers. You can adjust synchronization options or disable this feature.

Unlimited Freedom for Skin Designers - The program is built on a high quality scriptable skin engine. This gives designers an unlimited freedom creating their own clocks. That means you can write your own skins. Cool, right?

You can download the Full Enterprise edition of Perfect Clock 3.1.2 Here at Livewares for free.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this program. I hope it's free

Guyinthemiddle said...

yep they are all absolutely free to download

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot

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