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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Add Photo To My Computer Properties

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Inorder to make your My Computer look more customised, here is an easy trick to add your name and an image to it. First create the image you want and save it as(or rename an already existing image as), "oemlogo.bmp" . The filename should be without the quotes and a bmp image. When renaming make sure you change the file extension too if the image is not already a bmp image.

Now if you have created the image, open Notepad and copy paste the following:

Manufacturer="Your Name"
[Support Information]
Line1= Hey there
Line2= http://livewares.blogspot.com

You can edit the Your name area and the Line1 and Line2 sentences.

After editing, in the notepad file Go to File->Save As, navigate to your system32 folder (usually at C:\Windows\System32) . Give the filename as "oeminfo.ini" with the double quotes.

Now copy the image you created earlier (oemlogo.bmp) to the same folder (C:\Windows\System32).

You are Done!!. Check the My Computer properties and see the effects.

If you face any problems, feel free to comment.

Checked and working trick!

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