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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Receive U.S Goods Internationally

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Occasionally international users shopping on the internet may come across goods they badly need, but when they see the shipment column, it is found that the goods wont be shipped outside U S. Does that prevent you from purchasing those goods available only within the US? Not anymore. With Access USA’s MyUS.com website, you can get your own valid US shipping address. Once the item you bought is delivered to that address, it will be forwarded to your by Access USA at fair shipping rates, to anywhere in the world. The address provided wont be a postbox number, but a complete valid US address with ZIP code. ;)

You also save on shipping charges through this mail and package forwarding service by consolidating more than one purchase on to a single package, which will be done by Access USA. You shop all you want, sign up for free at MyUS.com website, sent all the goods purchased to your custom address and that’s it. Access USA will consolidate all the shipments into one and sent it to you via 2-3 days express door delivery. Some shipping cost can be relieved and you also save on paying tax on multiple number of goods, as all your goods are send as one package. You can also forward your mail including journals, magazines etc to your international address. Check out MyUs.com now for your own US mailing address.

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