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Friday, October 3, 2008

Internet Security

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If you are as regular computer user as me, it’s very difficult to imagine a few days without using the Internet. We use it to mail, download, watch movies and do a whole lot of essential things. There lies the problem of Internet Security. What do you do when you want a music download that is not easily available in the usual sites? Like a karaoke. Yep, I will Google it. Now to a level, you can trust the results that come up, but there is always a sure chance of a threat site popping up in the results. After all, Google works on mechanical algorithms and user feedbacks. Hence one thing that any internet user surely needs is a good firewall and an anti spyware software. Next thing is hot to get them. Buying all the software you need is not a viable option for many users. Hence we all turn to illegal aka pirated softwares. What if I told you, you can get good quality software to make your surfing safer, for free?

Comodo is a well-respected internet security company offering services to protect digital identities. Check out their Trusted Internet mission website where you can find free antivirus, firewall and more. And here in real sense, the softwares are Free. You won’t have to pay any renewal or update fees ever. These are well examined softwares and you don’t have to worry about spywares coming packaged with it. I downloaded the firewall and it seems to be working pretty good. If you are interested in a safer Internet, check out their website now.

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