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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy NewYear 2009!

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First of all, Very warm NewYear wishes to all our wonderful readers. Though, for Livewares, the start of 2009 is quite damp at present. You may have noticed that the direct links to all our softwares not uploaded at rapidshare is not working anymore. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience, but it seems that there is a slight problem with our uploaded. Be reassured that it will all be sorted out by the weekend and all the uploads will be up and running, hopefully. ;) . It's just that we can no longer share all those credible keys and serials which are abundantly available in various forums.

Well, for all that fuss, we will have it cleared up in no time. And again, thanks goes to all of you for supporting us with your comments and keeping Livewares very much alive. Here is another trick for all of you.

Shrink Your Vista Partition

Here is another useful tweak for Windows vista users to shrink your Drive partitions.

If you have created one or more partitions on your hard drive and a few months later you think "maybe this partition has to be a bit smaller", it is possible in Vista to shrink them. You can do this even with a 'system partition'.

  • Click with your right mouse button on 'Computer' and then click 'manage'. You will get a screen like the one below:

  • In this screen you click in the left pane on 'Disk Management' below 'Storage'. You will get a screen as shown below.

  • Now you see all your partitions which you have created. To shrink a partition you simple right click on the partition and in the menu which appears you click 'Shrink Volume'.You will get a window like the one shown below:

  • Here you can enter the amount of space to shrink in MB.

Easy, right? No more trouble as in XP. If there is empty space available behind the partition there is also the possibility to extend the the partition using the option 'Extend Volume'.

However, there is one thing you can not do. You can not move a partition or extend it with an empty space which is in front of a partition.

Hope you are all enjoying 2009 and Keep visiting fellas!

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