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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TuneUp Utilities 2009


TuneUp Utilities provide a host of options to speed up your PC and get the maximum output from it. TuneUp Speed Optimizer knows that your PC’s software, hardware and preferences create a unique environment. TuneUp’s optimization is based on. that concept, and helps you find the optimum level of performance for your system.

Intelligent, automated analysis of your PC environment prevents overly aggressive or passive tuning. That’s the basis of TuneUp’s comprehensive optimization.

TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance removes temporary files, cleans your registry and defragments your hard drive. The integrated Shortcut Cleaner feature finds and removes unused and outdated shortcuts on your PC to better organize your desktop.

  • Fast, Effective Windows Optimization.
  • One-click overview of your PC performance.
  • Quick analysis of your PC’s hardware, operating system, and programs
    Real performance increases, real fast.
  • Easy-to-understand help functions.
  • Intelligent Windows Optimization Built in for Every PC.
  • Intelligent recommendations for your unique PC optimization.
  • Identifies your personal settings and protects them.

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rulz said...

Dude its the best software i have used for pc clean up..

Guyinthemiddle said...

Right, so we have posted it. :)

Matrix said...

Considering everything that it offers, TuneUp Utilities is a comprehensive and useful tool for Windows maintenance and customization that will defintely improve the computer speed and behaviour.

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