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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Set IE Search Provider

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If you use Internet Explorer regularly, you mahve noticed that the default search provider is msn for IE. Often, when you try to change this by going to the MS website, you encounter a "Error On Page' message. Thus you are stuck with using msn as the default provider.

Now if you want to change this to some other common search provider like Google or Yahoo, there is no apparent method. However, after extensive searching we found these two files that can add Google and Yahoo also as search providers. Then you can set either Google or Yahoo or msn as your default search provider in IE.

Just download the following RAR file, unrar it and run the two files inside named 'Google' and 'ysetsearchie' . First one is a registry entry and second is an exe file. Be assured that as always, both are legitimate files and does not have any adwares, spywares, viruses or trojans. If you are still suspicious, please make a backup of your registry before adding the registry key.

Please note that you can still add only Google and Yahoo to IE search providers through this method. But better than getting stuck with msn for life right? So, the file for download is right here,

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