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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Art Storage


Fine Art can be very moving at times, but what would it take to move fine art in a safe and secure manner? It is often a serious headache for artists to move their invaluable works from place to place in a manner that satisfies them. They can hire all the man power they need, yet a careless mistake can ruin a great work of art. That’s why its essential to hire real professionals for the job of art movement from place to place. Mind’s eye is a fine art storage, movement and protection company that offers the best services available for hundreds of customers in the field of art. They provide service to museums and collectors of all kinds, personal and corporate alike.

Mind’s Eye does services including, but not limited to, movement of works of art from place to place, protection and storage of art works in vaults built to suit the customer’s needs etc. Vaults custom built to customer’s needs provide protection to the art works from water, heat, fire, other natural hazards and the vaults also have 24x7 monitoring with on-site security officers. Art Storage is taken care of in the best possible manner at Mind’s Eye so that their customers can be at peace of mind. Invaluable works of art have been lost in the past owing to carelessness and lack of expert help. Get the best service to protect your precious possessions, and take no chances. Visit Mind’s Eye website now and get a quote on the service you need immediately.

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Brwneyedgrl08 said...

A great place to go for art storage is Storage Deluxe. Not only do they have great prices, which are actually affordable, unlike some other companies.. Storage Deluxe also offers some great benefits for storing your artwork with them. They have a wide range of sizes in storage spaces, and they are able to customize their spaces to suit your needs for a particular collection or exhibition. Within their storage facilities they provide temperature control, humidity control, private storage/viewing rooms, over-sized freight elevator, high ceilings and wide hallways, and much more. This is a great storage facility with amazing service, I would recommend it to anyone I know.

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