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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BlueVoda Website Builder


Build your own website within minutes using a simple drag and drop website builder software. That’s what Bluevoda provides you. Even if you are an amateur with no past experience in website building, you can have your own beautiful website up and running on the internet in the next half an hour. It’s small (only 4mb), compact and fast. You need not know any html or other coding languages. Create your own homepage or multi page website very easily using Bluevoda.

Bluevoda comes with an inbuilt help system, a community forum to help the users out as well as step-by-step video tutorials. You can create websites on the run and using its “one-click publishing” can have your website uploaded to the internet within seconds. You can create any number of websites, with no restrictions on it. The software is completely adware and spyware free. You can also download hundreds of logos, templates, webpage backgrounds and website headers from their own online image library. What more can you ask for? Online tutorials, easy-to-use drag and drop interface, free design templates and more. Check out the Bluevoda website now and create website of your own in an instant. Tweak around with the layouts and give that personal touch to your own website. Check out Bluevoda.com now.

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Mike said...

I am an author and my novel is selling on a forum that is a subscription site. I have been told I need a Blog where I can sell my book. I will be using clickbank to handle the money and deposits. Is a Blog better than a website for selling a popular ebook?

Red_Devil said...

it really depends on the way you look at it..if you have some money to spare and have/are a good designer, go for a website. If not, choose the blog option. A blog is much more easier to keep in touch with your readers.

Blogger said...

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