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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Collection Agency

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Are your returns plunging without an effective debt recollection agency? American Profit Recovery can change the very way in which debts in your business are handled. Irrecoverable debts are always a serious headache to any business. APR serves businesses of all sizes to maximize their earnings by recovering bad debts, down sizing the man power needed and overall effective cost reduction. They have developed a comprehensive third-party debt resolution scheme with a flat, low fee solution. It focuses on early intervention and good diplomacy in handling customers which are both necessary to any collection agency.

APR handling of your debts will be different but all the more effective. They have strict ethics and standards with a very clear and high track record in this field, so that their customers can be assured of results. They have a tier system of handling debts, which the clients can choose from to best handle their business. Tier I Receivables Solution saves staff time, is more successful in collecting money and employs diplomacy that keeps customer relations intact. It can cost as low as $5-$20 per account. Suited mainly for small businesses, customers have real time access to any of their account’s status at any time. Guaranteed to provide an improved cash flow with a proven efficiency and the client is in complete control all the time. Tier II provides a more comprehensive recovery solution for accounts that need a more concentrated effort. So, if you are ready, go check out this Collection Agency now.

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