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Friday, April 3, 2009

Myob Premier v15


Complete multi-user business, payroll and time billing software that allows you to analyse your organisation in greater detail.

Premier gives you the power to manage even the most complex medium-sized business.

Premier has the same business management features as Accounting Plus and it handles transactions and accounts in multiple currencies.

Premier lets several people access your business information at the same time - someone can enter a sale while someone else prints a report or enters a cheque.

Features Include:

  • Multi-user access of your accounts on a network Key users can access critical information at the same time. Whether it’s entering a sale or printing a report, MYOB Premier lets you do it all.
  • Analyse your business in greater detail Gain more insight into your business with over 200 reports and charts that draw on information from across your business.

  • Streamline your payroll- No more paperwork, tracking or calculating each time you pay staff.

  • Handle foreign currency transactions and accounts Record transactions in foreign currencies and keep track of realised/unrealised exchange rate gains and losses.

  • Customise MYOB Premier Shape MYOB Premier to best suit your industry with MYOB Add-on Solutions .

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the download myob v15, just to let the readers know, it's the yank version, USA, not suitable for ausie use.

Red_Devil said...

Yep. He/She is right. If someone needs a different versio, send us a comment.

Thanks all for visitin!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red Devil,
Love to get an Ausie, Australian version of myob V15 or over, i'll keep visiting.
Thanks Rob

Anonymous said...

I also would like the australian version of myob 15 or higher'
cheers Sam.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red Devil,

Any update on the Australian version of MYOB 15 ?
Regards Mal.

Anonymous said...

Hi , Any news on the Australian version ? our financial year ends 30 June, would be great to start the new year with an upgraded program.
Cheers Sam

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
I am with the other people asking for the latest Australian version of myob 15 or higher, Is the one in the too hard Basket ??
Any feed back would do. cheers Rob.

Anonymous said...

Yep.. waiting on the Australian version..

Anonymous said...

i thought i should give you guys a reminder, still waiting for myob 15 or over "Australian" version, it's been a while since last comments. Cheers Rob.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
The ausie version, waiting-waiting-waiting, is it going to happen or has myob been talking to you ? They (myob) charge like wounded bulls when u buy their software, then they release another version every year, leave you high & dry. No Updates, ZILCH. start from scratch. money hungry lot.

Anonymous said...

I'm an ausie user, downloaded this USA version, tried to convert it to ausie banking , tax system etc, it's just too hard, not viable, would love to get an australian version of version 15 or higher, Any possibilities of this happening ??

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