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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sony Ps1 Emulator For PC

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The Sony Playstation... There are so many things we can say about it but most of you know about it. Basically this is an emulator with which you can run PS1 Games on your PC. Minimum requirements and more in the downloaded file.

  • Analog Joystick
  • Controller
  • Memory Card
  • Link Cable
  • Mouse with Pad
  • RFU Adaptor
  • Multitap Unit
  • R3000A
  • 32 bit RISC processor
  • Clock- 33.8688MHz
  • Operating performance - 30 MIPS
  • Instruction Cache - 4 KB
  • Data Cache - 1 KB
  • Maximum Capacity - 660 Megabytes
  • Features Audio CD play XA Interactive Audio
  • Control Pad Two control pad connectors Expandable with multitap connector
  • Backup RAM Two removable cards 128 KB Flash Memory OS support for File Save, Retrieve and Remove
  • Serial Port I/O Link Cable Connectivity
  • Main RAM: 2 Megabytes Video RAM: 1 Megabyte Sound RAM: 512 Kilobytes CD ROM buffer: 32 Kilobytes OS ROM: 512 Kilobytes
  • Load up to 512K of sampled waveforms Supports MIDI Instruments

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