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Friday, August 14, 2009

Reverse Image Search Engine

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Have you ever had a picture that you wanted to identify, yet could not? It's not yet practicable using the Similar Images feature of Google Labs to identify an image if its not yet listed on their database. It's quite frustrating then to search using possible keywords to locate the image you have.

Well, with this amazing reverse search engine, tineye, I found that it's quite easy to locate an image you have in your browser or you found on some website. Just browse and find your image from your PC or give the image URL, hit search button and tineye gives you the possible matches.

For this to be possible, the image should be present in their database, but that database already has over 150 million images and growing day by day. I tested it using a quiz question of a logo and it immediately returned the correct answer.

So those guys out there looking for an easy way to identify an image, tineye is the place to go to.

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