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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Have the Run option in the Windows Vista Start menu


The Run option in the menu of Windows XP is a handy way to access various features of the operating system. Windows Vista Versions do not have that option because it have a search box on the Start menu, where you just enter the name of the desired option or for the results to appear. This is pretty annoying for many, including me, who just want to get to their programs with some commands.

In general, the option to search in Windows Vista is more practical, but it does not record a history of words, terms and commands searched. Therefore, many users do not like to use the menu of modern and sophisticated operating system from Microsoft.

The good news is that you can add a much desired option Run in the Start menu of Windows Vista and best of all is that you will not need to change registration or administrative settings. Follow the instructions below and see how easy it is.

1) Clicking the right mouse button over the symbol of the Start menu, choose "Properties."

2) In the properties window that opens, go to the "Start Menu" and click "Customize ...".

3) Now just check the option "Run Command" to implement the changes made, click "OK" and on "Apply" then.

4) There, the Run command is within reach of your mouse.

If you from some reason need to remove this Run command from start menu simply repeat above steps but at the last step you have to uncheck file "Run Command".

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