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Thursday, November 5, 2009

McGraw Hill - Books on Javascript and C Language

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Javascript- A Beginners Guide Third Edition November 2009 

Release Date: 10-2009 System: PDF
Store Date: 11-2009 Language: English
Protection: ADR RFM Disksize: 1 x 5 MB
iSBN: 978-0071632959 Publisher: McGraw Hill
Autor: John Pollock Edition:

This book makes javascript essentials easy. Bestselling author John Pollock provides a new edition of his hands-on, step-by-step tutorial, covering the newest features in javascript II, including new 'type' attributes and values use of external 'unobtrusive' scripts, the seven new Array methods, and more ...

All of the code in the book is completely revised to use XHTML Transitional rather than the old capitalized HTML style, and new coverage of Firefox is included. The book now features the new and improved A Beginner's Guide style.

Schaum's Outline of Programming with C-2nd_Edition

The broad, yet in-depth coverage of C programming language, within the context of today's C programming style, makes this book as useful for practicing professionals as it is for beginning programmers. This study guide solves many sample problems using other programming languages so readers can compare several popular languages. It also includes clear explanations of most of the features in the current ANSI standard. The emphasis throughout is on designing clear, legible, modular and efficient programs.

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