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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Advanced Call Manager v2.0


For blackberry, s60 phones and above..

This is a mobile application that lets you block unwanted calls, send messages automatically when you don't pick up a cal or when you are asleep, Divert a call from a particular number to some other number, Set your own answering Machine, or Mute the Ringer..

Advanced Call Manager will handle your incoming calls and let you personalize your response so your phone never rings at an inappropriate time again. Depending on your platform, you can choose between various call-handing options such as play an instant busy tone, mute the ringer, divert calls, send a custom SMS, pick up and hang up, or play a personal greeting. Let Advanced Call Manager take care of incoming calls according to your specific requirements without interrupting your important meetings.


  • With its comprehensive set of features designed to cater to your needs, ACM seamlessly integrates with your phone and secures flawless call capturing and handling – allowing you to enjoy your time and privacy.

  • Ultra‐fast recognition and capturing of incoming calls, leaving the caller unaware of your current availability

  • Changeable status indicator of the program activity in the phone stand‐by screen (not available for BlackBerry devices)

  • Handling of hidden callers to help you avoid people whose numbers cannot be retrieved

  • Tight integration with phone book contacts

  • Feature‐rich, making it possible to effectively handle any situation and all incoming call traffic
  • Auto‐run at power‐on

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Florence Presley said...

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